Hello Ladies

FascintorI am really looking forward to making Fascinators with Lesley from Strawberry Hill hats. It should be a fun evening.  Lesley will provide the bases in black, white and red for you to choose and sinamay, veiling, ribbons, feathers and beads.  If you have your own embellishments feel free to bring them along.

Lesley has asked that your bring your own needles, thread and pins and scissors.

Materials are provided free to members
Visitors will be charged £5 (£2 std fee and £3 for materials)

The White House now provide our Tea and Coffee if you dont want to use the paper cup provided please feel free to bring your up china.


We have been collecting Bras and Coins for almost a year please can you bring your final donations to the October meeting so we can hand them over to the Federation at the Annual meeting in November. Thanks to Jane and Chrissie for being custodians of the collections

Wednesday 25th November –  7pm at Merits

IMG_20150513_195123899After the success of other evenings at Merits (Richmond College Resturant) we have booked a table for an early ‘Christmas Meal’  To Reserve your place please bring £15 to the meeting.  (please note this will not be a Christmas menu)


Thanks to all those listed below who have volunteered to bake our monthly cake we still have a space free in March

Chocolate & caramel flapjacks

Chocolate & caramel flapjacks

October – Sandra Saunderson
November – Delia Etchells and Chrissie Cemm
January – Jane Erridge
February – Pauline Edge
April – Lynette Singleton and Eleanor Bunnell

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White House Open Weekend

There is an open weekend at the White House on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of October to showcase the activities and groups available at the center.  We have a table to promote the WI.  If anyone can spare some time to hand out leaflets that would be a great help.  Our main focus is on the Saturday when Lesley will be there but its open Sunday too and the table will be there with some leaflets so just pop along for anytime you can spare on either day.



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Free Tickets for the Handmade Fair

Its not too late.  The take up has been great so for those of you who are yet to download your ticket please ensure that you do so soon so that you don’t miss out on your desired day!  Just click the advert below.


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Denman Final Day

Hi I am a little late in posting this but I did complete the course and my dress. Which I was able to wear out on Saturday night.  You’ll have to wait til October meeting to see it for yourselves

Overall the course was well run and Christine our Tutor is a very skilled lady and we all learnt a lot of new skills.  All seven of us took away a block template of our own body on which to base future projects.

3 went home with dresses that just required a bit of hand hemming.

Dawn started here project again from scratch as she didn’t like the style if the sleeves on her first attempt and took home a tacked and partially seemed bodice and with some help from my Jenny will complete at home.

The lovely Penny made the beautiful blue silk bodice section of her30s dress with so much detail on the collar and hand made bottom loops. She is an accomplished sewer and will finish in her own time and be ready for the American Ball in Novemeber she is attending.

Aimee’s simple wrap dressed took time to get the fall of the pleats correct but it was worth taking the extra time, she has to attach the bodice to the skirt to finish her black number suitable for any occasion


Aimee and her little black dress


Jen’s dress with just the hem to finish


Penny in her blue silk bodice section


Jenny’s floral fabric 50s dress

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Wanted – Overlocker

Hi All

After my week at Denman I now need/want an Overlocker, thought I would ask here if anyone has one collecting dust that they might want to sell before I try Ebay.

Thanks,  Jacqui

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Denman Day Three – Overlockers

Things are progressing and taking shape in the sewing room, we have all started and made some fine tuning to the bodices of our dresses.


We are a keen group starting are classes half an hour earlier than timetabled.  Today Christine asked us not to come back from lunch to early as she needed time to get the overlockers up and running, which if you have ever seen one looks like a fidley task that requires concentration and no interruptions. This seemed a good opportunity to drive into Abingdon to the highly recommended Mansons purveyors of fabrics, haberdashery, cake decorating equipment and basically anything to bring joy to the members of the WI. Mansons is spread over 3 shops.  I needed buttons but the rest of the group came too and better still Penny has a coveted blue badge so with some rather impressive reverse parallel parking (even if  I say so myself) we found a spot right outside.


Our journey was not without incident.  As we were leaving the car park I stopped as an approaching car was dropping off and letting passengers out.  Then I noticed the car moving towards me with the passenger door open It was as I was thinking silly idiot he hasn’t shut the door that I noticed that the driver/chauffeur wasn’t actually in the car but that he car was rolling towards me un-manned.  The driver did managed in true Frank Spencer style pull himself along the moving car and launch himself towards the handbrake just in time to stopp inches from my front bumper.  The biggest surprise of all was that from the back of the car came Alison Hammond off the telly. (Google her and you know who I mean).  She was very apologetic which is more than can be said for her Addison Lee ‘professional’ driver !

Quote of the day
Your boobs should be nearer your eyeballs that your a***!


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Denman Day Two Pattern Cutting

Have risen and taken breakfast in the Lady Denman Resturant we were at our workstations by 9.00am.  The day began with aking and recording our measurements, from which our tutor esetimated our sizes and gave us each a pre-made callico bodice/come straight jacket which were worrn and pinned to our body shape.  These meaurements have now been transferred to paper and have created our own block templates that we each now have to take away and can form the base from which we can create more items of clothing at home to our own exact size.

Using our block template we have each created a new pattern unique to each of us nd based on our choosen design, mine is plain and simple with no sleeves others have chosen far more complicated deigns with pleats and wrap overs.  The word of the day has to be bossom. I dont think I have ever heard it used so often in the course of 12 hours !


There is not much time to relax during the day its full on classes right up until 9.00pm but I managed a half our walk around the grounds after lunch.  Here are some pictures of the gardens and the architecture


The training centre


Main reception, resturant and bar in the house



The Herbaceous Border

At the end of day two most of use are ready to start transferring our pattern shapes on to our fabrics and start cutting there was even talk of sewing tomorrow.

Appolgies for typos I only have a mini keyboard and a small tablet and very tired eyes.

Hope you all enjoyed the WI meeting this evening and the new tea regime went well.  More from Denman tomorrow

Regards Jacqui

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Denman College Day One

Hello Everyone

I arrived safely at Denman College for The Sew A Vinatge Dress course.  The college is set in some lovely grounds which I hope to have time to explore tomorrow.  The residential rooms are mainly in small blocks of four rooms  away from the main house.  I am in the Oak block and my room is West Sussex each room is named after a federation so I assume their is a Middlesex room somewhere.  I understand that each federation had input as to how the rooms are decorated.  Here is mine its very spacious and apart from no TV its very well appointed.


We took tea (and cake) in the garden on arrival as the weather is so nice.  Then once unpacked it was back to the main house for the welcome meeting and the standard in  case of a fire run like hell talk.

Dinner was an excellent three courses and a chance to meet some of the other students.  Then at 8.00pm our first session which for the seven frock makers was a relexed hour looking at our fabrics and the patterns we wanted to make.  We have 4 x 50s styles and 2 x 20/30s style.  And would you believe it one lady has the same fabric as me the floral print.

Though I am still undecided between the daisy print or the floral

20150901_183644 20150901_183629

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Next Meeting Tuesday

Welcome back after the summer break I hope you all had a good one.

This month Lesley and Kit will be demonstrating some fun kitchen science.  It will be relaxed evening with plenty of time to chat, compare tans and catch up.

I wont be at the meeting as I am at Denman college for the week learning to  sewing a vintage frock but hope to be able to keep you up to date with my experience by posting my news and progress here each day.  At the October meeting I will either wear the dress or bring  a bag of rags for recycling – depending on my success.

Change of programme. Unfortunately our flower demonstrator is unable to make the October meeting as she has been called for jury service and wont have the time during the day to prepare the evening, Instead we have a lovely member and professional milliner from Teddington WI to demonstrate and let us have a go at making a Fascinator

Flower arranging will be rescheduled for next year


Enjoy the meeting

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Dunkirk Little Ships Veterans Cruise – Help needed

We are asking for volunteers to help we with The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Veterans Cruise event at Thames Motor Yacht Club on

Saturday 5th September.

Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

Little Ships

There’s a military band to be fed at 16:00 and the veterans at about 18:00.

Volunteers are needed between 13:00 and 20:00. We are hoping members will help with setting tables, prepping meal (eg cutting quiches, cooking new potatoes), clearing up. No tea/coffee serving (they get that from bar).

If you can volunteer for the whole time that would be amazing, or first half or second half. Many hands make light work, the more we have the sooner we will finish!

There is no parking at the club so please arrive by bus, park at Hampton Court Green pay and display car park, or ask a nice person to drop you off!!!!

Please let us know if you are able and willing to help with this event by emailing or calling Kit on kit.greenleaves@gmail.com

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