HAMPTON WI Meeting Report January 2014

Hampton WI started 2014 with a Quiz Night. Kit, our Vice President, did all the hard work & also ran the evening, as our President, Suriya, couldn’t be with us. Well, she missed a very good evening! Many of our current members attended & we were pleased to welcome 10 visitors, some of whom joined on their first night with us. We would like to extend these hardy souls a very warm welcome and hope they will enjoy our company. Kit set up four-yes-four different quizzes to challenge us & we in our various assorted groups, endeavoured to come up with the answers-or at least sensible answers!


Hatherop Park by Chrissie Kemm
Hatherop Park by Chrissie Kemm


We also brought along our photos for the Hampton in Winter competition & everybody voted for their favourite-Chrissie came out winner, with her photo of Hatherop Park, a surprisingly little known beauty spot. It was a difficult choice-what a talented bunch we have at Hampton!



It was a pleasingly casual evening, which had been the intention, giving our members plenty of time to chat. The committee have decided that actually, chatting is what we enjoy most of all! Glenys, our social secretary organised our customary raffle & Pauline one of our keen cake makers, did her usual good job with the refreshments.


One thought on “HAMPTON WI Meeting Report January 2014

  1. Hi
    It sounds like you all had a great evening. I am sorry to have missed it.
    I am still here in Utah volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival. All go, very exhausting but so enjoyable.
    See you soon

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