knitting hands  Don’t forget to bring something you’ve made to join in the fun at next week’s meeting-anything you’ve made yourself-drawings, embroidery, scrap art, cakes, jam, dresses-anything at all. It can be something you made decades ago, or hopefully, something you have made for us to sell at our upcoming Hampton Carnival stall-now there’s a hint if you like! Don’t worry-we won’t be expecting professional standards! There will be plenty of time to discuss all the pieces with their creators-maybe you’ll discover a new hobby-maybe it’ll rekindle interest in an old one! But if nothing else, it will be, as always, time for us to chat & share a laugh! Hope to see you there-why not bring a friend with you? Please remember that we are now trialling bringing our own mugs for tea & coffee to save us using the plastic ones-if nothing else, you’ll get a bigger drink!


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