This month we decided on a ‘Show & Tell’ session, so we could see just exactly what our talented members are getting up to at home! What an array of crafts there was-from card making & paper-craft to good old knitting & new fangled decorative wreaths! It was lovely to see so many people who were brave enough to take part & delightful to hear about their crafts & have a chance to try out most of them too. Thank you to everybody who came along to make it such a successful & enjoyable evening. Our special guest was Natalie Kay from the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University, who had offered us a visit & workshop at the gallery. She came to tell us about her plans for the day, for which several of us signed up. This meeting positively encouraged our favourite way of spending our meetings-chatting!  We did a lot & enjoyed it no end!

Kit Show and TellKT_Show and Tell 01


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