OK-here you see the Trinidad WI- enjoying their Carnival! Well what do you think ladies-should we turn up like this at our stall? No!??-Maybe I agree-we are more your cakes, jams & crafts sort of girls!

So please will you make us some things to sell? This is one of our main fundraisers of the year so we need as much as you can make. Small cakes are always good sellers.

Please also see if you can come & help on the stall-we always have fun! Please contact us if you are able to give us some time on the day, or if you have any comments or questions. We will leave further details of the day-time & place & where you can leave things for sale here very soon.




3 thoughts on “HAMPTON CARNIVAL June 14th 2014

  1. HI Jacqui
    I can make some cakes for the Carnival stall, but please could you let me know where to deliver either on Friday or Saturday

  2. Great – I will pass the information on to Loriane is she is making the Carnival plans. Sounds like you have been busy. Many thanks

  3. Hello Jacqui I am available to help on the Carnival stall. I also have some hand and machine knitted children’s garments. I also have some homemade chutneys. I will make some small cakes. Sandra Saunderson

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