This week a few members took up Natalie Kay’s very generous offer of a visit to this gallery & a workshop in ceramics, to include, of course, refreshments & a lovely selection of Pret a Manger sandwiches for lunch! Suriya has kindly told us about their day, but this is just an idea of what they did-there was so much more than this. It started well with freshly brewed coffee & croissants, after which, Natalie gave them some detailed information about the gallery & its history & then a tour of the current exhibition. Afterwards there was a fun activity, where they did some free writing with a collage. Natalie then took them on a tour of the workshops where they saw some amazing artists at work, including Elaine Wilson, who is an author & also teaches at the university. They then got down to the serious business of actually playing with clay-which was a lot harder than they imagined! However, they all managed to produce something of which they were proud! It was a first attempt after all! Altogether it was a very interesting day & we would like to thank Natalie for her kindness in inviting us.



  1. What a shame. I originally emailed that I would like to attend this visit, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the monthly meeting so I didn’t know you’d fixed a date. It would have been nice if someone on the committee had thought to respond to emails from those interested.

    1. Yes Sandra, I’m sorry, you’re right. Our only excuse is that we didn’t expect Natalie to offer us the trip at this short notice & we just didn’t get our act together quickly enough. I must apologise to anybody who was disappointed at not going. But I am hoping that we will get another chance-she did realise that a lot of us wanted to go & were unable to-so next time, we’ll make sure to let everybody know about it. Thank you for drawing our attention to this-you live & learn!

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