WOW – First Prize for the Hampton WI

A Message From Suriya

I knew we had a winning WI team and on Saturday we proved it. We won first prize, a red 1st rosette for the best personality and best looking stall and display. A great selection of cakes and crafts.

Hampton WI
Suriya, Glenys and the Red Rosette

I am so excited by this news of winning 1st prize, I feel like that everyone should know this great news about our WI…….So please don’t waste a moment telling everyone about it.

Vince Cable
Vince Cable

Selling cakes to Twickenham MP and Secretary of State for Business Vince Cable.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the stall a great success, its a team effort of bakers, makers and sellers and a really big thank you to Loraine for pulling it all together.


3 thoughts on “WOW – First Prize for the Hampton WI

  1. A sincere extended thanks, for the volunteers on the day, for being there to support the WI, the amazing donations of delicious cakes and creative craft items. We have a special WI thanks to all of you ! Look forward to the garden party to thank you all personally .Thank you Lorraine and Chris for all the “behind the scene” hard work that’s goes into these events to making it a winner! Well done everyone! Suriya x

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