Summer Garden Party and Social Media

Stawberry and shortbread

Summer Garden Party
Tuesday 8th July,  7:30pm
4 Ormond Avenue, Hampton

If you are able to bring a folding chair that would be great

Our next meeting is out Summer Garden Party. If you are able to bake some shortbread please let us know by posting a comment here.

Don’t forget to bring your plants to swap and send your  Extreme reading photos to us ahead of the evening.


Faceache logo

Suriya has bought the following Facebook group to our attention and recommends that we all request to be a member of the group.  Middlesex Federation WI Group

Pinterest logoKit has also setup a Pinterest account called WI Hampton search for pinners and follow us. There are lots of great ideas and please email us if you have some you would Like kit to add.


4 thoughts on “Summer Garden Party and Social Media

  1. Re: Pinterest – if you are having difficulty finding WI Hampton on Pinterest please try the ‘find friends’ option in your settings area or let me know and I will use the ‘find friends’ option to find you! – Kit

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