Have a great summer and see you in September

A big thank you to Chris for hosting the ‘Kitchen Party’ despite the weather it was a very enjoyable evening and gave us a chance to have a good old natter.

August is our summer break and our meetings do not resume until 9th September when we have  cake decorating evening with a local Hampton cake shop.

Something to keep you busy over the summer
This year Hampton WI are the hosts of the competition at the Middlesex Annual Meeting, held on 26th Sept. We will run a Folded Greeting Card competition and encourage our members to take part.  Here are some additional details.

 “Folded Greeting Card – using max size of one sheet of A4 (11.75” x 8.5”) paper/card in any type, any style (ie Decoupage;  embossing;  parchment;  exploding boxes;  paper quilling;  rubber stamps;  Iris folding;  Parchment;  Watercolours are some of the examples)”

Each WI can provide up to 3 entries;  Steve Price to be asked to judge;

1st prize £10;  second prize £7;  third prize £5 cash

If you would like to enter please bring your cards to the meeting in September when we will judge which 3 we put forward to the Annual Meeting.


One thought on “Have a great summer and see you in September

  1. Any Hampton WI members need a little support with ideas and free materials to make a card for the competition please contact me . 07956514997

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