Dont forget your Easter Bonnet

I fixed the link that didn’t work on the previous post

Members Survey


There is still time to take part in our members survey just click on the clip board to take park.

Here are just a few of the comments made so far.

– I am a relatively new member and enjoy the evenings when I do get along.
– London Walks – quite reasonably priced and interesting!
– I think the Hampton group is very enjoyable. Thanks to the lovely ladies who organise
– Name badges are brilliant idea and introduction of any activities which encourage mixing/ circulating of groups of members
– The organisers a doing a good job – thank you
– Love the social side and the craft items ladies make

Faceache logoNEW – Come and join us on Facebook we already have 21 people following so click the Facebook logo to find our page and give us the thumbs up.


Easter Bonnet – Don’t forget to get creative and wear your Easter bonnet with pride to the next meeting, Kit promises us an egg-citing prize for the best hat

Tatters Staines – Closing Down Sale
I sadly noticed on Saturday that he lovely Tatters fabric shop is closing down but they do have some good deals on fabric so get there quickly before you miss out.


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