Next Meeting Tuesday

Welcome back after the summer break I hope you all had a good one.

This month Lesley and Kit will be demonstrating some fun kitchen science.  It will be relaxed evening with plenty of time to chat, compare tans and catch up.

I wont be at the meeting as I am at Denman college for the week learning to  sewing a vintage frock but hope to be able to keep you up to date with my experience by posting my news and progress here each day.  At the October meeting I will either wear the dress or bring  a bag of rags for recycling – depending on my success.

Change of programme. Unfortunately our flower demonstrator is unable to make the October meeting as she has been called for jury service and wont have the time during the day to prepare the evening, Instead we have a lovely member and professional milliner from Teddington WI to demonstrate and let us have a go at making a Fascinator

Flower arranging will be rescheduled for next year


Enjoy the meeting


2 thoughts on “Next Meeting Tuesday

  1. Looking forward to following your progress at the Great Denman Sewing Bee and seeing the end result. Which fabric did you choose in the end?

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