Denman College Day One

Hello Everyone

I arrived safely at Denman College for The Sew A Vinatge Dress course.  The college is set in some lovely grounds which I hope to have time to explore tomorrow.  The residential rooms are mainly in small blocks of four rooms  away from the main house.  I am in the Oak block and my room is West Sussex each room is named after a federation so I assume their is a Middlesex room somewhere.  I understand that each federation had input as to how the rooms are decorated.  Here is mine its very spacious and apart from no TV its very well appointed.


We took tea (and cake) in the garden on arrival as the weather is so nice.  Then once unpacked it was back to the main house for the welcome meeting and the standard in  case of a fire run like hell talk.

Dinner was an excellent three courses and a chance to meet some of the other students.  Then at 8.00pm our first session which for the seven frock makers was a relexed hour looking at our fabrics and the patterns we wanted to make.  We have 4 x 50s styles and 2 x 20/30s style.  And would you believe it one lady has the same fabric as me the floral print.

Though I am still undecided between the daisy print or the floral

20150901_183644 20150901_183629


3 thoughts on “Denman College Day One

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of telly, what with your blogging, tea drinking, cake eating, garden exploring , slap up meals and what else? Oh yes, your sewing , I don’t think you’ll have time for telly! Have fun. And to paraphrase Mary Berry’s advice … read the pattern instructions twice before you cut anything!

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