Denman Day Two Pattern Cutting

Have risen and taken breakfast in the Lady Denman Resturant we were at our workstations by 9.00am.  The day began with aking and recording our measurements, from which our tutor esetimated our sizes and gave us each a pre-made callico bodice/come straight jacket which were worrn and pinned to our body shape.  These meaurements have now been transferred to paper and have created our own block templates that we each now have to take away and can form the base from which we can create more items of clothing at home to our own exact size.

Using our block template we have each created a new pattern unique to each of us nd based on our choosen design, mine is plain and simple with no sleeves others have chosen far more complicated deigns with pleats and wrap overs.  The word of the day has to be bossom. I dont think I have ever heard it used so often in the course of 12 hours !


There is not much time to relax during the day its full on classes right up until 9.00pm but I managed a half our walk around the grounds after lunch.  Here are some pictures of the gardens and the architecture

The training centre
Main reception, resturant and bar in the house


The Herbaceous Border

At the end of day two most of use are ready to start transferring our pattern shapes on to our fabrics and start cutting there was even talk of sewing tomorrow.

Appolgies for typos I only have a mini keyboard and a small tablet and very tired eyes.

Hope you all enjoyed the WI meeting this evening and the new tea regime went well.  More from Denman tomorrow

Regards Jacqui


3 thoughts on “Denman Day Two Pattern Cutting

  1. I’m enjoying the update if ur time at Denman and look forward to next instalment. Can’t wait to see result! X

    Sent from Glenys iPhone


  2. Rather be doing what you are doing than slaving over a hot photocopier, which is what I did today! 6 visitors and 1 new member, lots of laughter, popped balloons and carrot cake at WI tonight. Looking forward to blog for day 3. Kit

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