Denman Final Day

Hi I am a little late in posting this but I did complete the course and my dress. Which I was able to wear out on Saturday night.  You’ll have to wait til October meeting to see it for yourselves

Overall the course was well run and Christine our Tutor is a very skilled lady and we all learnt a lot of new skills.  All seven of us took away a block template of our own body on which to base future projects.

3 went home with dresses that just required a bit of hand hemming.

Dawn started here project again from scratch as she didn’t like the style if the sleeves on her first attempt and took home a tacked and partially seemed bodice and with some help from my Jenny will complete at home.

The lovely Penny made the beautiful blue silk bodice section of her30s dress with so much detail on the collar and hand made bottom loops. She is an accomplished sewer and will finish in her own time and be ready for the American Ball in Novemeber she is attending.

Aimee’s simple wrap dressed took time to get the fall of the pleats correct but it was worth taking the extra time, she has to attach the bodice to the skirt to finish her black number suitable for any occasion

Aimee and her little black dress
Jen’s dress with just the hem to finish
Penny in her blue silk bodice section
Jenny’s floral fabric 50s dress

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