Agenda for the Annual Meeting and 4th Birthday

Agenda for the Annual MeetingCake

From 7.15pm – Arrive and sign in
7.30pm : Welcome and notices

Annual Meeting

Some words from our president – Kit Greenleaves
Review of the year, slide presentation – Jacqui Prout
Presentation of the accounts – Lesley McGrath, Secretary & Vice Treasurer

(Click the account image  for a copy of the final accounts for 2015)


Carol Sullivan from the Middlesex Federation will host the election of a new committee

Current Nominations are
Kit Greenleaves
Lesley McGrath
Chris Lloyd
Loraine Childs
Glenys Telford
Suriya Goodlett
Jacqui Prout

There is still to make additional nominations, if we have more than 8 nominations (the maximum number for our committee) a vote will take place.  Once we have formed our new committee the group members will be asked to vote for the president for the coming year.


Tea break
With cake from this month’s Star Bakers 
Delia Etchells and Chrissie Cemm


8.15pm – Beetle Drive

For thoseBeetle pic  who don’t know what a Beetle Drive is here are some rules I found on-line (although Kit may have a variation on this)




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