Busy times

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to post some reminders as we have a busy month so please read through and make note of the relevant points.

Wednesday 18th November
T2  The arrangements for our return visit for more tea tasting is to meet outside the store at 6.30 on Wednesday, we could do with a couple more cake makers to step forward. Just put a comment below if you can bring a cake.

T2 is located just to the left of the main front entrance to the Bentalls Centre/Opposite Barclays.

Kits Craft EveningsKit Knits
Kit is running craft evenings most weeks running up to the Light Up Hampton event making items to sell,  see the upcoming events listings to the left of this post for dates.  Take your own item to work on or Kit will find you something to create.

Christmas Light Up Hampton Sunday 29th November

Can you please let us know if you are making or baking for this event, it really helps us to know we have enough produce and products, please leave a simple comment below. I also believe we need help between 6pm and 7pm, again please post below if you can help out on the stall. Or contact  committee member directly

Merits Dinner

IMG_20150513_195123899Loraine is missing and order from one person so if you haven’t placed your food order please can you email (jacqui.prout@outlook.com) or get in contact with Loraine directly with your menu choice.  Scroll down to find the menu or search merits in the search bar on the right below the map


5 thoughts on “Busy times

  1. I can help on the stall between 6-7pm! I will also be baking a ginger and honey cake and a toffee cake. Sorry I haven’t made the last couple of meetings it was my birthday & then I was away for the next meeting!
    Aimee Kewley-graham.

  2. Hi Kit. Sorry, am feeling confused after reading latest email. Is it book folding this Wednesday or the visit to T2? If book folding I can come but T2 visit is too early for me. Also I’ll make something for the Christmas fair but won’t be able to help on stall as visitor staying. Best wishes Chrissie

    1. Hi Chrissie

      We are at T2 on wednesday which is informal so why not pop along when you can make it. Think we’ll be there until 8.00 maybe later. There will be crafts at Kits on Thursday this week not sure what kit has planned but book folding seems a good idea. Thanks Jacqui

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