Light Up Hampton

A big thanks to all the ladies (and a couple of gentlemen) who helped on Sunday or made and baked in the run up.

The event didn’t exactly go to plan thanks to the strong winds and rain.  Hopefully you all found us tucked away inside  Syzygy hairdressers.  The organiser abandoned the stalls on the green after the cover on the stage took off in the wind.  Huge hanks to Denise at Syzygy of allowing us and four other stallholders to completely take apart her salon, hopefully we put it all back together again.

Having four stalls in one small shop wasn’t ideal but we would have been swept away on the green so hopefully we made the best of the situation but inevitably numbers were down on previous years and this will affect our profit but we have been very lucky in the past 4 years so we shouldn’t grumble.


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