Summer Social/Party

We are taking no chances this year as three of four July meetings have bought rain so this year we holding the meeting at the White House.  As it is now a Hampton tradition we will be servng strawberrys with cream and shortbread and a glass of pimms.

Stawberry and shortbread

Our entrainment for the evening will be provided by Phil Greeensleaves perfoming “A Chip in the Sugar” A dramatic monologue written by Alan Bennett.

Those who volunteered to bake shortbread this is a little reminder and linkn to the recipe from last year.

As mentioned in a previous post we will be askng for ideas for next years programme and any suggestions for a local charity or fundraising initiave for us to adopt in the coming year.

There is no meeting in August but we would love it if soemone wouldl ike to organise a trip out over the summer;  Please let the commttee know if you have any ideas.

Assocation of Dunkirk Little Ships (ADLS)

Six of our members had a treat this weekend.  A very special day out and all a bit of a secret as our rendevous point was within the private grounds of Windsor Castle. As a thank you from the ADLS for the ladies that helped with he catering at the Veterans Cruise last september. We had a day out on a Dunkirk Little Ship, though windsor and finishing with a picnic beside the Thames in the Castle grounds.

Windsor ADSL (5)




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