More Help for Veterans Day – Saturday 4th Sept

We are still looking for more help with the catering for the Veterans day at Thames Motor Yatch Club (nr Hampton Court Bridge) on Saturday 4th Sept.  We will have around 200 people to provide for.  Kit has all the shopping in hand but we need help on the day preparing the food, setting out the table and managing the buffet service.

Windsor ADSL (5)

During the day you get the chance to see some of the Dunkirk Little Ships that will take the veterans on a river trip, and the day ends with the lovely sun down service.

Any help would be great, if you cant do the whole day but can spare a couple of hours that’s fine – please contact Kit Greenleaves 07813 332096


2 thoughts on “More Help for Veterans Day – Saturday 4th Sept

  1. Have the meeting times changed? We always met at 7.30 pm, but this e-mail says 6.30 pm.


  2. Sorry Jaqui but I’m away Saturday 3rd. I would have loved to help out otherwise. Hope you have a few more volunteers and the day goes well.
    Also I’m away for the September meeting, it’s my daughter’s birthday. I’ll get the raffle prizes to Kit or ask a friend to bring them.

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