Sing for Fun

Sing for Fun, Jennifer will teach us to sing like angels!

Join us on Tuesday when Jennifer will try to get us all singing, or in my case

“I am singing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order”

I know Jennifer has a fun packed evening  planned, I think we may even get the chance to sing the WI anthem, Jerusalem for the first time at Hampton WI.

Perhaps we  have a future and X-Factor winner in our group.

Knit and Natter

Don’t forget if you want you tea in a tea cup then please bring your own cup or mug



One thought on “Sing for Fun

  1. Hi Jacky

    It looks like a good evening tomorrow with the “Sing for fun” session. Last year I joined a WEA (Worker’s Educational Association) class in Twickenham for Singing through History. It was great fun and led by an excellent tutor, Sheena Phillips. Next January she is planning to run a similar class, this time called “Sing for Life”. I wondered whether it might be possible to advertise this tomorrow evening. What do you think? I’ll attach a flyer. If you agree I could copy some to give to anyone interested.

    Best wishes

    Juliet Dehnel

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