February News and Information

totpThe Next meeting of the Hampton WI takes place on February 14th.  We will welcome Pauline Davies a professional dancer and ex member of Legs and Co.  the Top of the Pops dance troop.  There will be an opportunity to show off your dance moves. We recommend you wear casual comfortable trousers and comfortable trainers or flat shoes.

Last call for subs
If you wish to remain as a member please make the necessary payment of £39 to the following account.

Hampton WI

Cheques to be made payable to Hampton Women’s Institute.  Cash payments can be brought to the meeting in an envelope marked clearly with your name.


food-bankIn January we raised £10 from the sale of our cakes, this money goes to our charity the Food Bank.  With this money Kit has bought items from the published list of supplies and dropped them to the food bank here at the White House.  If anyone would like to volunteer to purchase items this month please speak to a member of the committee.


National WI Survey

A short on line survey of members has been compiled.  Its quick and easy to complete so please spare 5 minutes answering questions by clicking here

The federation have now stopped collecting bras,  we have send over 1,000   to be recycled – Well done and thanks to all who donatedsilica-gell

We will continue to collect foreign coins & silica packets, so keep them coming

Twiddle Muffs & Teddies.
We are being asked for teddies of smaller sizes-about 9-10” or even shorter is what they need. Check this site for dates of the Knit and Stitch group where you can knit and natter with other members.  The dates appear in the Upcoming Events list on the left column on this site

Denman Bursary
Have you ever fancied one of the many excellent courses run at Denman college.  We have 2 £100 bursaries available to any member.  Full details can be found in the information file at our monthly meetings or speak directly to Lesley

Finally – There are plans to revitalise the Hampton Carnival for 2017. We are looking for a WI member to represent us on the steering committee. Please let us know if you are interested


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