Annual Meeting Agenda and Accounts

Hope you can all come to our Annual Meeting.  Don’t forget it’s our 6th Birthday as well  and there will be cake.

We will get the formality over with quickly and welcome the signing Vicar
Revd Vicci Davidson to present-  The Life & Songs of Irvin Berlin.



Arrive & sign in from 7.15pm.

Welcome & notices 7.30pm.

1. Some words from our President. Kit Greenleaves.

2. Review of the year-presentation. Jacqui Prout.

3. Presentation of Accounts. Chris LLoyd  – Click the link to view the accounts   WI acs 2016-17

4. Election of Committee.

5. Election of President.

6. Refreshments including 6th Birthday Cake.

7. Approx. 8.15pm.  -Revd Vicci Davidson presents-  The Life & Songs of Irvin Berlin.

8. Meeting closes at 9.30pm.


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