7 years of the Hampton WI

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our 7th Birthday.  The evening will start with a very quick review of the past year and the formal business of the AGM.  When we can vote for a new committee and president.

Once the AGM is complete we will be entertained and encouraged to join in with Shelle Luscombe form Vocaltonix.

Vocal Tonix is a community singing group. We will be singing along to well-known songs dating back through the years.

  • No singing ability needed
  • No need to read music
  • No words to learn


AGM Agenda

Sarah Endersby is present as the representative from the Middlesex Federation.

Arrive & sign in from 7.15pm.
Welcome & notices 7.30pm.

  1. Some words from our President. Kit Greenleaves.
  2. Review of the year-presentation. Jacqui Prout.
  3. Presentation of Accounts. Chris Lloyd. Click here for the 2017/8 accounts
  4. Election of Committee.
  5. Election of President.
  6. Refreshments including 7th Birthday Cake.
  7. 8.15pm.

Shelle Luscombe-Vocal Tonix-

Presenting a sing-along for those of us who want the fun but think we can’t sing!

Meeting closes at 9.30pm.


Loraine Childs
Kit Greenleaves
Lesley McGrath
Suriya Goodlett
Chris Lloyd
Mandy Marks
Jacqui Prout


One thought on “7 years of the Hampton WI

  1. Dear Jacqui,
    Would you believe I have today received an email re meeting for last Tuesday,13th November. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to health problems but I do hope to get back to meetings next month.
    This does seem odd that this has happened before , where message will come through sometimes and other times a week later.
    Kind regards,
    Pam Watkins

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