AGM 8th Birthday…. Plus Zumba Gold

Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday on 12th November 7.30pm
AGM 8th Birthday…..THAT MEANS CAKE!

Click here to view a copy of 2019 accounts

Followed by Zumba Gold –Tara Teeling-Charles.
Tara is an experienced teacher who enjoys teaching this slowed down version for those of us who are ourselves slowed down versions! It’s great fun & nobody cares if you go wrong-in fact it’s expected! Put on your dancing shoes-well trainers or such like & have a laugh.


3 thoughts on “AGM 8th Birthday…. Plus Zumba Gold

    1. Yes all ladies over the age of 18 are welcome at any of our meetings. Our next meeting is on December 10th. We look forward to meeting you. There is a small £2 visitor charge.

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