Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to sew scrubs for our local GPs.

Hampton Medical Centre have requested three sets of scrubs for their clinicians, so that they each have a spare set (which makes sense)!

If we make more than that we will offer them to other local surgeries or care homes.

I have sourced a pattern and I am ordering the fabric & haberdashery needed. While we wait for the fabric I will trace copies of the pattern onto large sheets of paper (or a lot of smaller bits taped together if I run out of pattern paper). Your committee has agreed to support the initial fabric purchases.

Once all the fabric has arrived it will be washed, cut, and distributed to the members who have volunteered to sew.

Thank you for supporting this venture.




3 thoughts on “WI – SCRUBS

  1. Hi. Please does anyone have spare ribbon or tape for drawstrings on scrubs bags? I need 1.5m x 6. Don’t worry if not I’ll make some.
    Keep safe!
    Liz Neilson

    1. I might have some – me know if you deliver them without tape and I put some in. But making own would be a great idea.

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