Hello Everyone,


As fabic becomes harder to source I have been researching alternatives. Local Care Homes are also have a need for scrubs and I suspect the need will be with us for a while.

This specification is from the Dudley NHS Group website

Making scrubs in the correct type and weight of fabric is important. The requirements are:

·     100% cotton or up to 50/50 polyester/cotton only

·     Material weight 115gsm

·     Plain, dark colours preferred (patterned material is harder to inspect for staining/damage)

·     If you can’t get plain dark fabric, lighter colours or even patterns will be accepted

·     Must be washable at a minimum of 60 degrees centigrade

.     No brushed cotton

So, it seems that good quality bedlinen, that can be washed at 60 degrees centigrade, is the bottom line. Too thin, too loosely woven and it is not very useful.  The higher the threadcount the better. Somewhere else I read said not white!

I have found this website offering a very simplified FREE pattern for scrubs that is measured out rather than needing a paper pattern (thus no printing). I’m going to try it out today.


Stay safe,






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