Good Evening Everyone,

Chris and Kit are hosting a Quiz live from The Hampton Hub at 8 o’clock.

For non-Zoomers we are emailing the rounds as we go from the website.

Here is a cryptic towns round from Chris to get your brain started.

We’d love to see you on Zoom so we don’t feel like complete ‘nanas

See Jacqui’s earlier post for link details or WhatsApp Kit on 07813 332096

1.Tub full of water
2.Has a letter to spare
3.Half a score is alongside
4.Professor of rollers
5.Pen, with deep blue ink
6.A chocolate bar without for instance
7.A person who is leaving
890 degrees perhaps
9.People’s rock
10.A complete bacon
11.Cook on the farm
12.Tying meat
13.Latest fortified wine
14.Religious skull
15.Catching slippery fish
16.Almost speechless in front of the French chips
17.Witches attempt to meet
18.A male, part of the torso with some hesitation
19.Arran or Holy in the middle of one’s wages
20.Tend fire
21.Mother’s garden entrance
22.Sounds like a vehicle followed by a Scottish golfer
23.One of the three R’s
25.There are no ends to a hairdryer

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