Tassels Galore

Lockdown v2.0 and Christmas what a combo, and a great excuse for handmade decorations, gifts and creative wrapping.

Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock members & friends are invited to join me for a tassel making workshop on Zoom.

The committee will be out and about this weekend delivering tassel making kits to all members (if someone in your household/bubble wants to join in too see the last paragraph for ideas on what to gather). We will forward you the Zoom link in a separate email.

Your ‘kit’ will have threads and hessian enough to learn how to make 4 different styles of tassel and I will demonstrate variations on these basic tassel styles and share some of the many tassels I have made or collected over the years. Sorry but the colours will be completely random.

You will also need a pair of scissors, some sewing thread, an ordinary sewing needle and, if you have one, a large eyed needle will be very useful.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening!


If you have an extra person joining the session, or you are feeling adventurous and think you might like to experiment, than start to gather yarn, wool, ribbon, lace, string, fabric strips, felt, leather, loose woven fabrics, raffia, cords, buttons, beads with large holes, broken necklaces – you can make tassels of almost anything!


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