Happy New Year

Another year in front of us and our 2019 programme can now be found on the programme page.  Here is a great picture of our ladies enjoying our Chrismas meal at La Familia in Hampton Hill

chrismmas 2018104


Our next meeting is on Tuesday 8th January when once again we will be quizing which is always fun.

If you were expecting the skiffle band sadly due to health and family commitments they have post-poned but Lesley is trying to book them for Christmas (fingers crossed)


A new year means that our annual subsciptions are now due
This years fee is £42, Payments on line are preffered with your intial and surname as a reference

Bank Details
Sort Code – 77-30-24
Acct no. 85829668

Cheques payable to Hampton Women’s Institute should be in an sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside with your name


November AGM

At our next meeting on 13th November we will be voting the new committee for 2019.

We are looking for new members to join the committee. If you would like to nominate a member or step forward yourself please get in touch

ballot box

If we receive more than 8 nominees a vote will take place and the top 8 will form the new committee.  Once the committee is formed all members will have the opportunity to vote for the President from the elected committee.

When the formal buines has been completed (and we make every effort to make this as swift as possible) we will be welcoming Michelle Luscombe from VocalTonix for a really fun sing-along session.


Shelle just loves to sing, and she strongly believes in the therapeutic powers of singing, which are enhanced when we sing together in a group.

Vocal Tonix is for people who want to sing for the fun of it but can’t necessarily read music and don’t want the pressure of joining a choir. We project the lyrics onto a screen at the front of the room so that everyone can hold their heads high and let their voices ring (even if they’re not in tune!).

See you for Art Journaling on Tuesday

A big thanks to all those who helped, or baked cakes for us to sell at the Carnival on Saturday.  Additional thanks to the committee members who did all the pre-event preparation.  These things don’t just happen there is lots of shopping, collecting of tables and gazebos to be done.   This was the first time the music festival and the carnival have been run together. We have been asked by the organisers for feedback so they can make improvements for next year,  please let the committee know your thoughts.

Well done to the lucky winners. The best Boot Planter, decided by public vote was won by Bridgette Taylor (Tudor Rose WI) and the winner of the cake decorating competition was Kira Marks. Well done to Kira and Bridgette.

Art Journaling

On Tuesday Kit will be introducing us to art journaling.  Please bring.

  1. an old newspaper or a magazine, this will be thrown away afterwards so anything will do.
  2. an old postcard or two.
  3. old tickets, labels, receipts, wrappers, envelopes or any flat ephemera you come across.

Hobby Swish

Along with art journaling, we will also be holding a hobby swish on Tuesday.  This  is  a chance to bring  some craft or hobby items that you no longer use, or perhaps never used.  For each item donated you will be given a voucher, each voucher will entitle you to take an  item away.   Items for donation could be craft items, cooking equipment, knitting yarns, fabric, books or anything connected to a hobby or craft that  is in good condition and  another member may enjoy.

Classic Cars on the Green. Sunday July 2nd

This increasingly successful event is held on The Green in Station Rd in Hampton Village.  We sell used books, CDs  & DVDs if you have anything to donate or would enjoy helping on the stall please let a member of the committee know. This event takes place before our July meeting.  Donations can be bought to the June meeting, or I expect Kit will have her drop box in front of her garage for donation  They can also be bought to the green on the day.