Car boot sale raises £110

Lesley, Glenys and Ann braved the burning sun instead of wind & rain at Apps Court Farm!

We raised £110 22p-a lot down on last year, when we raised £167 10p, but well worth the effort & we had fun as well.

Plenty of people-they just didn’t seem to be buying so readily. Ah well!

If anybody has any good ideas for fundraising, please let us know. We have a good balance in the bank for this year, but we do need to raise £800+ every year, to cover our costs as they are at the moment. So far we have made just under £300 at our major fundraising events. We will have to put in a major effort at the Christmas Fair, which is all that is left! Thank you to everybody who kindly sent donations to the stall today & those who helped.


One thought on “Car boot sale raises £110

  1. Well done Lesley, Glenys and Ann and thanks for all your efforts, sorry I couldn’t make it this time.

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