Having fun with Pinterest and Facebook


Another very well attended & pretty noisy meeting!

This month, the white heat of technology burned brightly in Hampton when Kit, Jacqui & Chris initiated us into the secret (to most of us anyway) world of social media! It’s all so much easier when somebody who knows their stuff shows you & explains it all to you! Now we can hold our heads up in front of our grandchildren!

We had several laptops set up & some people brought their ipads & tablets, so there was no shortage of equipment. And no shortage of interest from our members & friends either. We looked at our own website & Jacqui explained what we could find on it how to make the most of it, then we watched presentations about some of the better known sites including Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. We even purely by chance, came across our WI neighbours at Teddington tweeting to each other while we watched! Couldn’t have organised it better!

Twitter conversation with Teddington WI
Our Twitter conversation with Teddington WI

As usual, we had our raffle & we would like to thank Pauline for organising the refreshments & making some of her lovely cakes for us.


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