Summer break draws to an end

What better way to spend a wet Sunday than updating the Hampton WI website.

Lots of interesting events are sent to us many with cost reductions and special offers and if anyone would like to coordinate a specific trip then please shout up.  We receive far more than I am able to post but I try to add those that I think will interest our members.

We manage some good trips out last year, to the Theatre, the knitting show and our walk around London gardens and it would be great to do some more.  If you see a published event you might like to go to then please add a comment and see of others are interested too

To keep the site tidy and easy to navigate all events of interest can be seen in the Events tabs and all other information including details of Tuesday meetings and fundraising activities are in the News tab.  I encourage you to look at the Events page as a few new ones have been added today.


Nutcracker Dressed by angels Denman College

Due to this change you will see an increase in emails received from the site please let me know if the number you receive is too high and we can look at reducing the number of posts.

At time of posting we are only 17 days from our next meeting and we look forward to seeing you all again and hope you all had a good summer break


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