Denman Day Three – Overlockers

Things are progressing and taking shape in the sewing room, we have all started and made some fine tuning to the bodices of our dresses.


We are a keen group starting are classes half an hour earlier than timetabled.  Today Christine asked us not to come back from lunch to early as she needed time to get the overlockers up and running, which if you have ever seen one looks like a fidley task that requires concentration and no interruptions. This seemed a good opportunity to drive into Abingdon to the highly recommended Mansons purveyors of fabrics, haberdashery, cake decorating equipment and basically anything to bring joy to the members of the WI. Mansons is spread over 3 shops.  I needed buttons but the rest of the group came too and better still Penny has a coveted blue badge so with some rather impressive reverse parallel parking (even if  I say so myself) we found a spot right outside.


Our journey was not without incident.  As we were leaving the car park I stopped as an approaching car was dropping off and letting passengers out.  Then I noticed the car moving towards me with the passenger door open It was as I was thinking silly idiot he hasn’t shut the door that I noticed that the driver/chauffeur wasn’t actually in the car but that he car was rolling towards me un-manned.  The driver did managed in true Frank Spencer style pull himself along the moving car and launch himself towards the handbrake just in time to stopp inches from my front bumper.  The biggest surprise of all was that from the back of the car came Alison Hammond off the telly. (Google her and you know who I mean).  She was very apologetic which is more than can be said for her Addison Lee ‘professional’ driver !

Quote of the day
Your boobs should be nearer your eyeballs that your a***!



2 thoughts on “Denman Day Three – Overlockers

  1. Depends how old you are! Some of us have headed very far south by now-certainly don’t pass the pencil test any more! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Never a dull moment. Alison Hammond was dancing with WI yesterday according to her Twitter feed, presumably at Denman too, #keepdancing. You went for the daisies then, good choice. Keeeeeeep sewing.

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