November AGM

At our next meeting on 13th November we will be voting the new committee for 2019.

We are looking for new members to join the committee. If you would like to nominate a member or step forward yourself please get in touch

ballot box

If we receive more than 8 nominees a vote will take place and the top 8 will form the new committee.  Once the committee is formed all members will have the opportunity to vote for the President from the elected committee.

When the formal buines has been completed (and we make every effort to make this as swift as possible) we will be welcoming Michelle Luscombe from VocalTonix for a really fun sing-along session.


Shelle just loves to sing, and she strongly believes in the therapeutic powers of singing, which are enhanced when we sing together in a group.

Vocal Tonix is for people who want to sing for the fun of it but can’t necessarily read music and don’t want the pressure of joining a choir. We project the lyrics onto a screen at the front of the room so that everyone can hold their heads high and let their voices ring (even if they’re not in tune!).


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