Christmas is coming …

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight – mince pies and music – a festive combination!

Hampton Christmas event Sunday 1st December

Thank you to all the elves who have offered to help by manning the stall or baking Christmas cup cakes.

Set up from 2:30.

Event start time 4 o’clock – till 7 o’clock.

We are all hoping it stays dry,  the cold we can cope with, rain not so well.  Jane Witham AKA Mrs Christmas, had arranged an urn for the hardy perennials in the marquee and on the green to have a cuppa or two during proceedings.


WI Christmas Meal …

Looking forward to seeing those of you who are meeting up for our annual festive meal on Tuesday evening 4th December 7:30 at La Familia Restaurant in Hampton Hill.

Familia means “the family” in Spanish, la familia variously refers in English to one’s family, circle of friends and coworkers, teammates, or other close communities or organizations – couldn’t be more perfect for us!