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As fabic becomes harder to source I have been researching alternatives. Local Care Homes are also have a need for scrubs and I suspect the need will be with us for a while.

This specification is from the Dudley NHS Group website

Making scrubs in the correct type and weight of fabric is important. The requirements are:

·     100% cotton or up to 50/50 polyester/cotton only

·     Material weight 115gsm

·     Plain, dark colours preferred (patterned material is harder to inspect for staining/damage)

·     If you can’t get plain dark fabric, lighter colours or even patterns will be accepted

·     Must be washable at a minimum of 60 degrees centigrade

.     No brushed cotton

So, it seems that good quality bedlinen, that can be washed at 60 degrees centigrade, is the bottom line. Too thin, too loosely woven and it is not very useful.  The higher the threadcount the better. Somewhere else I read said not white!

I have found this website offering a very simplified FREE pattern for scrubs that is measured out rather than needing a paper pattern (thus no printing). I’m going to try it out today.


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Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to sew scrubs for our local GPs.

Hampton Medical Centre have requested three sets of scrubs for their clinicians, so that they each have a spare set (which makes sense)!

If we make more than that we will offer them to other local surgeries or care homes.

I have sourced a pattern and I am ordering the fabric & haberdashery needed. While we wait for the fabric I will trace copies of the pattern onto large sheets of paper (or a lot of smaller bits taped together if I run out of pattern paper). Your committee has agreed to support the initial fabric purchases.

Once all the fabric has arrived it will be washed, cut, and distributed to the members who have volunteered to sew.

Thank you for supporting this venture.



WI – Scrubs Laundry Bags for NHS

Good Morning All, I hope you are fit and well.

During our virtual meeting on Tuesday we talked about making scrubs bags.

Here are some links if you are interested in sewing one or two.

https://www.sewinbrighton.co.uk/nhs-bags.html (has an excellent tutorial)



https://www.sewinbrighton.co.uk/sew4nhs.html  (scroll down to the lower half of the page for a range of information about sewing for the NHS)

Details on making scrubs for clinicians in local surgeries to follow in a later post.