Happy New Year

Tuesday 10th January

Looking forward to seeing you all and your friends tomorrow evening for our first meeting of 2023.

Hampton Court Gin are providing a tasting and will tell us about their local business.

Visitors membership is £2.

Remember to bring £1 for the raffle and your mug for coffee time.

Your Committee


Season’s Greetings

Tuesday 13th is our December meeting and to get us in a Christmas mood we have the handbell ringers from St Mary’s Twickenham.

Remember to bring your mug and be prepared to tuck into a mince pie.

£1 for the last raffle of 2022!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the main hall at The Hub at 7:30pm.

Tuesday 11th October

We look forward to a facinating talk from Eel Pie Island Museum, a unique local landmark with a rich musical history. New members are always welcome to our meetings and this should be a great one. We make a small £2 charge for visitors. Don’t forget your change for the raffle and your cup or mug for a tea or coffee (we always have spares if you leave yours at home)

The history of Eel Pie Island tells a fascinating and varied story. From the role it played in the RnB boom of the 60s to its historical boatyards, maverick characters and pioneering spirit of inventive creativity.