Tuesday 11th October

We look forward to a facinating talk from Eel Pie Island Museum, a unique local landmark with a rich musical history. New members are always welcome to our meetings and this should be a great one. We make a small £2 charge for visitors. Don’t forget your change for the raffle and your cup or mug for a tea or coffee (we always have spares if you leave yours at home)

The history of Eel Pie Island tells a fascinating and varied story. From the role it played in the RnB boom of the 60s to its historical boatyards, maverick characters and pioneering spirit of inventive creativity.


Sunday 3rd July: WI Book Stall at Classics on the Green

Looking forward to being back in the community and meeting people at Hampton’s own Classic Car Show on Sunday.

We will be there selling 2nd hand books, games, jigsaws and generating awareness and interest in the WI , hopefully recruiting some new members.

Donations can be dropped off at 1 Gresham Road until Saturday or brought along on the day.

thank you, Kit

Any questions call me 07813 332 096.