Scrubs for local GPs

I am organising the making of scrubs for our local GPS. GPS at Hampton Medical Centre have told me they have one set each. They would appreciate a second set each, so that when one us in the wash They can wear the other set. I am happy to bulk buy the fabric but I am looking for help with sewing.  Let me know if you would like to join me. Text me 07813 332096. I’ll share the plan for moving forward at Tuesday’s virtual meeting.

Stay safe. Kit

Virtual Meeting April 14th

Hello Members,

I hope everyone is safe and well in these challenging times.

There are ways you can stay in touch with the group via this website and social media and we encoruage you to do this now more than ever.   Please complete the survey at the bottom of this post.

You can place comments at the bottom of any of these posts/emails – Initially you may need to register but thereafter you will be free to comment and interact.  If you are Facebook user please follow us, here is the link  It’s also shown in the left hand sidebar of the website.

But what about our meeting on April 14th – As you know all our meetings have been cancelled and the White House is closed for the time being.

Here is the challenge for 14th April – Complete an UFO – An Unfinished Objective

We have a lot of crafters in the group and if you are anything like me you have a stack of projects started but not finished. The half knitted scarf, sewing projects that just need buttons.

Here are a couple of my UFOs – Decoupage coffee table and a peg shelf that needs painting

The challenge is to complete or start something new on April 14th.   If your not a crafter then perhaps there is a box of photos you have wanted to sort for some time.  It really can be anything.   The imporatnt thing is to let us know about it.

I hope you are all up for the challenge, we look forward to seeing your projects throuhout the evening.

You can write comments on the webpage (but sadly not pictures) but you can post images to the Facebook page.

Please can you take a moment to complete this little survey and depending on your response we may look at other ways we can stay in touch via social media.

social media survey

Thank you for your time.


WI update 18th March 2020

Hello everyone. Your committee has been listening to all the advice that is coming from our scientists and government. As a result we have made the decision to postpone next week’s meal out until more carefree times are upon us.

In addition you may have heard or seen on Facebook that the White House has temporarily closed its doors from today, 18th March – “Following a decision made by the trustees of Hampton on Thames Community Association (HoTCA), Hampton White House will regrettably be closed from Wednesday, 18 March until further notice.”

As a result we have to take the decision to postpone our April Meeting. It is the sensible thing to do with so many of us in those ‘at risk’ groups. It is possible that the May meeting will also be postponed, we will continue to review the situation and listen with care to government advice.

Please note that Hampton Carnival has also been postponed. Don’t stop collecting those t-shirts but please hang on to them for the time being.

If you ‘do’ social media please follow us on Facebook @thehamptonwi and we will try and keep you entertained and up to date there!

Take care, stay safe and healthy


Announcement frmo White House Hampton