Christmas meal …

Hello Christmas Elves,  I hope you all have your travel plans sorted. A few people have contacted me offering lifts and asking for lifts please try and make contact before I go to work at 15:00 if you need me to hook you up with someone. The meal is booked for 18:30, so if you have to use a pay and display bay it’s not going to cost much and I believe if you have a Richmond Card you can get 30 minutes free, not sure about the Ts and Cs  but worth checking out.

See you later




Parking information for Merits

Hello, if you are coming to the Christmas meal at Merits tomorrow please read on …

I rang Merits who told me ‘parking is a little challenging at the moment’ due to the building work. I have been told there are a few staff spaces outside the main doors that are free at night (unless evening class students get there first) also a few round by the Harlequins entrance to the Richmond College site. I went for a drive down Egerton Road on my way home from work at lunchtime today, there are quite a few public pay and display parking spaces right outside the college. These are free after 18:30.

It is my understanding that the car park which is accessed off the A316 is for contractors only, so don’t try that one!

It seems sensible to minimise the number of cars going up there and I know that some of you have already arranged lifts. If anyone is looking for a lift, there or back, please do contact me and I’ll try and put you in touch with a driver who has an empty seat. If you have a space to offer please let me know. Thank you.IMG_20171204_132512.jpg

Calendar Girls photo opportunity … Read on if curious …

The following letter was received today. Email Leslie if you are interested.

Dear all at the WI

 I am emailing on behalf of David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers who are the theatrical producers of The Girls musical based on the Calendar Girls.  You may remember me from last year when we recruited a choir of WI ladies to sing with Gary Barlow and the cast of The Girls musical on the Royal Variety show.

 I’m getting in touch again with another opportunity which I hope you’ll think exciting!

 We are touring the show to theatres around the country from August next year and we’re currently designing the poster for our marketing campaign.  The idea of the poster is ladies posing ‘nude’ in a field, cleverly painted so they disappear into the backdrop.

 So I’m emailing to see if any of the ladies at your WI would be interested in being a model for our shoot.  We are looking for 6 women of a variety of ages and body shapes for this.  Although it will appear as if each lady is nude, the models will be able to wear some discreet underwear if they want to which we can paint over.  The idea of the shoot (and the Calendar Girls story) is a celebration of women, being brave, baring all and having fun.

 If you have ladies who would be interested in this, I need the following information:



Dress size

Contact phone number/email

Full length photograph