Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to sew scrubs for our local GPs.

Hampton Medical Centre have requested three sets of scrubs for their clinicians, so that they each have a spare set (which makes sense)!

If we make more than that we will offer them to other local surgeries or care homes.

I have sourced a pattern and I am ordering the fabric & haberdashery needed. While we wait for the fabric I will trace copies of the pattern onto large sheets of paper (or a lot of smaller bits taped together if I run out of pattern paper). Your committee has agreed to support the initial fabric purchases.

Once all the fabric has arrived it will be washed, cut, and distributed to the members who have volunteered to sew.

Thank you for supporting this venture.



WI – Scrubs Laundry Bags for NHS

Good Morning All, I hope you are fit and well.

During our virtual meeting on Tuesday we talked about making scrubs bags.

Here are some links if you are interested in sewing one or two.

https://www.sewinbrighton.co.uk/nhs-bags.html (has an excellent tutorial)



https://www.sewinbrighton.co.uk/sew4nhs.html  (scroll down to the lower half of the page for a range of information about sewing for the NHS)

Details on making scrubs for clinicians in local surgeries to follow in a later post.



Virtual Crafting Tuesday 14th April

Hope everyone is safe and well.

Tuesday night is virtual crafting night

As we cannot meet at the White House on Tuesday we are encouaging you to enjoy WI in the comfort of you home.  This month we should have been crafting.  We can’t craft together but we can still craft and share our projects with the group.  You can choose your own craft project either starting something new or something you never quite finished, and if you dont craft perhaps there is something else you could share with us.

You can share pictures and videos throughout the evening via Facebook or Join us on a Zoom live video call.


Better still login live to Zoom from 7.15pm  

Please email if you would like the login for the Zoom meeting, it will be sent out on Tuesday evening at about 6.30pm via email to anyone requesting it.  hamptonsec@mfwi.org.uk

If you haven’t used Zoom there is are plenty of demonstrations to be found on You Tube, but it reallly is as simple as clicking the link we will supply, so give it a try.

Stay safe and see you virtully on Tuesday